Ali Abedi
Ali Abedi
M.Sc. Student in Electrical Engineering (Control)
Tehran, Iran
+98 935 212 1376
Iran University of Science and Technology Iran
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering - Control
  • Thesis title:

    A New Approach to Detecting and Distinguishing Physical Faults and Cyber-Attacks in Multi-Agent Systems.

  • Supervisor: Prof. MR. Jahed Motlagh.
  • University ranking in "Electrical Engineering" subject: 351-400
K.N.Toosi University of Technology Iran
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Control
  • Thesis title:

    Designing, Modeling, and making a 2-Axis Reaction Wheel Inverted Pendulum test-bed with Controller Design and Implementation. (download abstreact)

  • Supervisor: Dr. M. Aliyari Shoorehdeli.
  • University ranking in "Electrical Engineering" subject: 401-450
Selected Courses
M.Sc. courses
  • Fuzzy Control systems: 17.5/20
  • Nonlinear Control systems: 16.5/20
  • Optimal Control systems: 19/20
  • Neural Networks: 18.5/20
  • Stochastic Process Control: 15.5/20
  • Adaptive Control systems: 18.5/20
  • Multivariable Control systems: 18.6/20
B.Sc. courses
  • Programming in C: 20/20
  • Digital Systems: 20/20
  • Electronics I: 17.8/20
  • Numerical Analysis: 20/20
  • Signals and Systems: 19.75/20
  • Microcontrollers: 17/20
  • Linear Control Systems: 18/20
  • Digital System Design with FPGA: 19/20
Other courses
  1. Ranked 107 (top 0.7%) in University entrance exam for Masters degree.
  2. Received full scholarship (tuition waive) for M.Sc. study.
  3. Ranked 944 (top 0.5%) in University entrance exam for Bachelor degree.
  4. Received full scholarship (tuition waive) for B.Sc. study.
Research Interests
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Networked systems
  • Secure control of cyber-physuical systems
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced control theory
Academic Projects

These are the selected projects that have been done during my academic studies.

Designing the positioning system of an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)
  • This project was a part of the final project of the instrumentation course at the K.N.Toosi University of Technology. In this project, we designed a system to keep track of traveled paths only by using accelerometer sensor data.
Design and simulation of a 2-axis industrial robot arm with SOLIDWORK and ADAMS
  • The aim of this project was to utilize the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS and ADAMS softwares in control and robotics.
  • This project also included co-simulation with matlab.
Identification of nonlinear dynamics of a robot with neural networks
  • In this project, the first challenge was to gather a rich dataset from dynamics that included all dynamical modes of the system.
  • Afterward, we had to select a proper structure for the neural network and write the code to train it.
Pattern recognition using Hopfield neural networks
  • The aim of this project was to utilize the memory property of Hopfield networks to reconstruct and dissimilar and noisy patterns that have been stored in the network.
Designing a 16-bit CPU with FPGA in VHDL language
  • A 16-bit CPU with all necessary peripherals with 16 instructions was designed in an FPGA with VHDL programming language.
IoT Weekend Iran University of Science and technology
A 3-day workshop consisted of seminars explaining the IoT ecosystem and some IoT technical training.
3 month internship in Instrumentation laboratory of K.N.Toosi university of technology
  • Worked on instrumentational aspects of 3D printing
  • Made a complete student instruction for 3D printing to be considered as a lesson in Instrumentation Lab Course
  • Lab supervisor: Dr. H. Khaloozadeh
Non academic
Worked for AZSENSE (a knowledge-intensive company) for about 6 months
  • Designed a wide-range heartbeat simulator. (More detail)
  • Designed a complete IoT solution for a heartbeat monitoring device. (More detail)
  • Participated in meetings with investors.
  • Improved my abilities in Documentation.
Worked for ASAUAV company for 2 months
  • As an electronic expert, I designed a complete driver circuit for a specific communication IC.
  • Responsibilities included printing and assembling 13 pieces of the designed boards.
Participated in a startup company named ROIT (Rise of Iranian Technology) in the field of IoT.
  • Position: Project manager of "Intelligent door lock" project.
  • Position: Head of R&D team.
  • ROIT company has been dissolved!
Taught in some workshops in K.N.Toosi University of technology, such as:
  • Workshop on how to make a switching power supply.
  • Workshop on how to make a speaker.
  • Adams
  • SolidWorks
  • Altium Designer
  • ISE Design Suite
  • ADS and Pspice
  • Keil uVision
Programming Languages
  • C and C++ (Arduino, AVR, ARM Programming)
  • Python (Tensorflow & Pytorch frameworks)
  • PHP (View Certificate)
  • Javascript
  • Native
  • IELTS Exam Bandscore (Academic): 7.5